Distribution of Meals

Fresh Food for Families Coping with Sickness

At Ezrat Achim we are aware that fresh and nutritious food is a necessity for individuals and families coping with illness.  Eating proper meals is what gives them the energy and physical stamina to continue caring for themselves and their loved ones.  Our current Meal Distribution System primarily relies upon local volunteers, who cook fresh food every day in their own homes, for the benefit of families who are dealing with a medical emergency, serious illness or hospitalization of a family member.  The food is collected by the organization’s volunteers and distributed to the families’ homes on a daily basis.  Meals are also distributed for Shabbat and holidays.  


As the need has grown, at times there has been more demand than can be met by our network of home cooks and we have recruited additional volunteers to help prepare meals in a local commercial kitchen in order that we don’t have to turn anyone away.  Although, we do not have a proper, dedicated kitchen to use at this time, we have already received a piece of land from the Bet Shemesh municipality and are seeking sponsors who can help cover the costs of the kitchen, so that we can provide meals for all those who need them.  


*COVID-19 Project 

Starting in March, 2020 Ezrat Achim began sending meals to local families who have to remain in home isolation, due to Covid-19.  Some of them are in isolation just as a precaution (such as having just returned from abroad or having been in close proximity to someone later diagnosed) and others have had a family member (or in several cases as many as six family members simultaneously!) suffering from the effects of the virus.  Ezrat Achim has “stepped up to the plate” and sends daily cooked meals to these families during the acute phase of their illness.


Who are the meals for

Beit Shemesh families with a sick family member or mothers who are just after birth.


This service is available in Bet Shemesh and the surrounding areas.

How It Works

Please contact Ezrat Achim if you would like to request meals or to join our group of amazing, volunteer cooks!
Phone Number: 02-999-0000

Volunteers at the association
Tova R., age 19

There is no greater light than that which shines from the sparkling eyes of a special needs child. Volunteering at Ezrat Achim’s special needs center has helped me to understand what life is really all about!

Mrs. G., age 56

Being an Ezrat Achim volunteer has changed my perspective on life. I used to complain about the fact that my days are boring and routine. Now I know what a tremendous bracha that is!

Moshe R., age 60

I thought of volunteering for Ezrat Achim for so long and kept pushing it off. Around six months ago, I finally picked up the phone and called and became a volunteer. I’m so glad I did! It’s a big zechus to be an Ezrat Achim volunteer- I recommend it to anyone who has even an hour a week to spare!

Rachel J., age 37

The feelings I have about being an Ezrat Achim volunteer are hard to put into words. You have to be involved with helping others in order to understand how good it makes you feel!

Dini S., age 17

People always tell me that I give so much to the special needs kids that I volunteer with. But the truth is that I get so much more from them. I can honestly say that I am a different person now, than I was before I started volunteering at Ezrat Achim’s special needs center!


Volunteering is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself! As an organization dedicated to chessed and caring for others, Ezrat Achim is proud of our amazing volunteers from all across Beit Shemesh who do so much good for the community!

At Ezrat Achim, we believe that volunteering, aside from providing assistance to the person receiving the help, benefits the volunteer on a personal level and society as a whole.

Looking to be a part of something good? Looking to spark your volunteer spirit?

You are invited to become one of the hundreds of members of Ezrat Achim’s family of volunteers.

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